Celebrating Occupational Therapy month in the USA by giving away a BabueBaby Carrier!

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  • A height adjustable headrest; designed to grow with your child.
  • Equipped with lateral supports to ensure that pressure is offloaded from your shoulders and is distributed around the torso and hips, allowing you to carry your child for longer periods of time without straining your shoulders.
  • The wide seat size helps maintain blood circulation as your child’s legs will be fully supported.


  • Crossing shoulder straps straps that are designed to fit any body shape.
  • Durable fabric to offer durability for older babies.
  • Equipped with a fan pack that’s designed to fit a couple of diapers, some wipes, phone and your keys.


  • The lateral supports ensures that you are able to carry your child closer to you which helps lighten up the load/ or weight of baby on you.
  • The lateral supports also provide a very efficient carry as they reduce keep your child in place, thereby reducing lateral sway.
  • Will allow carrying babies up to 65lbs safely.