Babuebaby is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We currently specialize in our Babuebaby Carrier, available in different styles and colours.

Our goal is to sell long-lasting products that reach millions of parents based in Canada and around the world, leaving a great impression in their minds. Women love their motherhood phase and no one knows it better than we do. More than just selling our products, we’re here to respond to all feedback we receive. We stand behind our products.

Babuebaby celebrates parenting and all caregivers bonding with the children in their lives.


We care about the communities our products are in, and the parents who start their families. We want to make their experiences of caring and raising their little ones even more beautiful and life affirming.

We want to earn your trust and respect so that Babuebaby is your first choice for baby carriers. Our goal is to make your life simpler and safer by providing well-designed and comfortable carriers.


Parenthood is an intense journey filled with joy, passion, pain, laughter and tears, with you and your child learning and discovering something new each day. At Babuebaby we understand your and your baby’s needs and want to help you in nourishing your little one with the utmost care and attention.

Empowering women and enriching their lives is at the forefront of why we created Babuebaby.

Busi’s Story

My journey started out of frustration. When my son Aaron was seven months old, I took both my kids to Zimbabwe and South Africa. I packed two carriers for the trip: a long wrap – I found it intimidating to use from the get go, however after watching YouTube videos a few times I was able to get a good hang of it – and a buckled carrier.

I kept the wrap out for use during transfers as I had checked in my stroller. I realized quick enough that it wasn’t easy to travel for two long days with two small children on my own. At airports I needed to be hands-free to help Tessa who was six years old at the time to tie her shoe laces or putting her jacket quickly back on at security points so that we didn’t miss the next flight.

The wrap was clearly not the smartest choice with a seven-month-old baby. It wasn’t the easiest option for me especially due to the fact that it took a few minutes longer to strap, but the worst part was the fact that I couldn’t manage the long fabric. It ended up doing a better job of cleaning the airport floors than keeping my son close to me. I ended up putting it away out of frustration because I couldn’t reconcile myself with using it on my infant after sweeping the airport floor.

I soon switched to my buckle carrier upon arrival. However, as Aaron got bigger I couldn’t use it anymore as it was affecting my shoulders.

I decided to design and create a carrier using my experience in Occupational Therapy that suited my needs and Babuebaby Carriers was born. Aaron enjoyed the carriers so much that whenever I returned from work, I would find him waiting for me by the door for “Babue/bhabhu” (baby wearing is endearingly referred to as Babue/Bhabhu in Zimbabwe, which means to carry on the back). Aaron grew up very fast and I went right into creating the toddler carriers. I enjoyed the carrier as well; as it allowed me to carry Aaron on my back and freed my hands to complete other household chores without straining my back and shoulders. I was also able to carry Aaron longer especially on weekends because that’s when I get caught up on running errands. I was able to carry Aaron for 2 hours or longer on my back while I shopped and was also able to drink my coffee with my son safely on my back, Aaron could even take naps in the carrier. I enjoyed the bonding Babuebaby carriers afforded me.

Life in our household is busy. I practise as a full-time Occupational Therapist, and I’m also a full-time wife and mother. After my outside work day is over, I go straight to the kitchen to cook. I needed a carrier that would allow a very long back carry so I could keep my hands free to be able to cook, and especially on weekends because that’s when I get caught up on running errands. With my carrier I was able to go out to shop without the need to rush home for nap time. I was able to carry Aaron for two hours or longer on my back while I shopped and interacted with people and items.

I enjoyed the bonding Babuebaby Carriers afforded me. Being an Occupational Therapist, it was also important for me to come up with a universal design for our carriers to ensure that children with special needs would be carried safely on the back.