The Babuebaby Carrier – Designed for support and comfort

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Made for You

Babuebaby Carriers are for all caregivers doing day-to-day chores with small children needing to be close to you.

Our soft-structure baby carriers have been engineered to distribute weight around the torso and hips. Unlike other carriers, Babuebaby eliminates weight through the shoulders. They’re stylish, versatile, and support little ones up to 29 kg (65 lbs) safely.

Made for Little Ones

Babuebaby Carriers are designed to provide healthy musculoskeletal system stability for children, which is essential to quality of life and well-being. Our carriers utilize the stable joints of the hips, reducing the overuse of other joints. Our evidence-based approach and strategies help maintain musculoskeletal health in caregivers to reduce potential joint pain.

Babuebaby Carrier Diagram

Made to Last

A blend of traditional knowledge and modern engineering, the Babuebaby Carrier is unlike other carriers and slings that put stress on your upper body. Instead, it uses your whole torso to its best advantages.

  • Made from 100% cotton for strength, comfort and breathability
  • Three points of support:
    • Primary: reinforced strap over hips
    • Secondary: central strap above bust
    • Shoulder straps for stability
  • Adjusts to most body sizes
  • Equally comfortable for adult and child
  • Designed for all-day use
  • Washable

Pressure Mapping Proves Our Patent-Pending Design Keeps the Weight Off Your Shoulders, Reducing Stress and Fatigue

What Our Customers Say

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I was born and raised in Zimbabwe where babywearing is taught from a young age. Once my youngest, Aaron, turned a year old, I struggled with the carrier options on the market. I don’t know about you, but our household is pretty busy. I needed a carrier that would support my functional needs – to be able to carry my child as I run errands, to cook right after work, to clean up – without missing on bonding with my son.

Drawing from my culture and my experience as an Occupational Therapist, I designed my carrier for families of all cultures and for children of varying needs. Let me introduce you to Babuebaby!

Busi Musiiwa

Founder of Babuebaby